CAIN is a neighborhood ministry that transforms lives and inspires hope by providing nutritious food, crisis assistance, resources, and compassion in a way that respects human dignity and builds a more vibrant community.


We believe in expressing our unity in Christ.

We believe in the God-given dignity, worth, and potential of every person.

We believe God loves Northside and is continually present and active in the community.

We believe we are called to live out the Good News of Jesus Christ in our neighborhood.

We believe God has planted our churches in Northside as various communities of faith which invite all people into relationship with Christ.


We envision CAIN as a Shared Ministry Center promoting that unity of Spirit, purpose and fellowship among our churches that brings spiritual renewal to our neighborhood and city.

We envision CAIN as a Hope Center assisting and empowering Northside families and children to rise above the circumstances that marginalize them.

We envision CAIN as a Good News Center linking our churches and community through communication and prayer to the stories of what God is doing in our churches and community.

We envision CAIN as a Community Ministry Center actively reaching and touching every aspect of community life in Northside.

We envision CAIN as an Embassy Center providing a welcoming introduction and invitation to the community into the Christian community and into our member churches.


We agree that God’s love for humanity is graciously given through Jesus Christ, who alone makes it possible for people to experience life as God meant it to be.

We agree that we enter into this life as we commit our lives to knowing and following Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, individually and collectively.

We agree that we can meet Christ in every person we encounter and that the Body of Christ is made visible as different local congregations join together to be the "hands and feet" of Jesus.

We agree that our unity is found in Christ and although this unity is not yet complete, it is truly a "first-taste" of God’s desire for the Church.

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