Host a party and make it a fundraiser for CAIN. Raising awareness and money for CAIN has never been so much fun!

Here’ a party in a “box”… walking you through all the steps for hosting a party with a purpose for
CAIN. Click the links to view more information.

1. Before the Party….Party Planning (download .PDF)
2. During the Party…Tips for Success (download .PDF)
3. After the Party…the Importance of Thank You (download .PDF)
4. Sign Up Form…Let CAIN know About Your Party (download .PDF)
5. Invite…Sample Invite to Use (download .PDF)
6. How to Ask for Donations...How to Ask (download .PDF)
7. Script for Asking…Follow the Script (download .PDF)

We are here for you.
If you have questions, please email us

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